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some breaking news we begin with tonight. developments in a trial in a student who was charged with killing her roommate. >> that woman has been found not guilty on all 7 charges. >> jury deliberations only lasted three hours. they found her not guilty of murder and exonerated her on charges of carrying a deadly weapon. prosecutors say they are surprised by the verdict. >> we are very disappointed tonight. we presented what we thought was clear and strong evidence and there are no winners tonight. this is a very sad case. >> just hours before the jury rendered its decision she explained how she tried to defend herself during a fight with her roommate last year. she said i had to defend myself. i was under attack. she upper cut me while holding
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my hair i was scared. she said she had been bullied by frazier and knew shoned a knife. they got into an at indication over loud room comes from the victim's i pod. she began swinging her pocket knife wildly. one of frazier's friends thaffed simpson was the aggressor but under creaks said frazier also had a knife. then she grabbed her neck and blood was coming out and i just wanted to help her. simpson testified she tried to call 911 and then fold frazier as she stumled into the hallway and tried to render aid. >> she was trying to get a degree in business administration with a minor in finances so i'm sure she'll go back to school. >> she left the courthouse without commenting.
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we are also following break news out of texas where four people are dead and 7 others injured after a train splammed into a pa rad float honoring wounded veterans. the train sounded it's horn bifert hit the float. it was carrying wounded war vets and their spouses. we're also following late details in a boating accident where two people are hospital liesed. firefighters and rescue crews responded to the chesapeake bay around 6:00 tonight. they saw a boat with four people on board crash into a jetty at a high rate of speed. four people were take on the a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the 66-year-old man with
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ties to an actress was arrested for multiple charges including sex abuse of a minor and sult. two male victims who are adults came forward alleging abuse from far row when they were 8 years old. baltimore police have made an arrest in the sexual assault soft a 13-year-old girl. brian may faces rape and sex offense charges. he approached the victim in a vehicle as she walk add long the avenue when according to police he assaulted the girl inside the vehicle. now to an update on a story that we've been following for more than a year. a man will spend the next 50 gleers prison for murdering his one-year-old son. he pled guilty to first degree
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murder admitting to sa stabbing his son to death. that happened in september of last year t. body was discovered wrapped in a deplated mat tress. he was sentenced to life in prison with all but 50 years suspended. three men convicted of murdering their relatives refused a plea deal this morning. they were offered the chance to accept all jail time suspended but 40 years with the possibility of parole. instead they have set trial for march. back in 2006 they were convicted of murdering three children found dead by their mother partially decapitated in 2004. last summer the state of apeels voted for a new trial citing error by the original trial judge. for now the teacher will not be back in a classroom due to an investigation and a letter sent home to parents david smith says the english
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teacher has been reassigned and relieved of her duties as a coach. mr. smith did not elaborate on what prompted the change only describing an investigation involving student safety. no further details are available. tonight there is huge anticipation about some key testimony tomorrow in the deadly attack on benghazi that killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three others. david petraeus will testify one week after he resigned after news of an extramarital affair. now the blame game over benghazi. >> we must learn the lesson and fix the problem. >> it's time to fess up. >> outrage over the september 11 attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> this administration including the president himself has intentionally misinformed,
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read that, lied to the american people in the after math of this tragedy. >> confusing accounts of what happened and security warnings that were ignored republican panel members accuse the administration of a cover up. >> they have tried to cover themselves a number of times. >> they slam them for playing politics. >> the stench of hypocracy emanates in this room. >> the american people want to us solve problems and not go on political witch hunts. >> the meetings were held behind close doors but it's testimony from the c.i.a. director general david petraeus that's key. >> i will ask him if his resignation had anything to do with the fact that he was supposed to testify before congress. >> in washington.
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according to law makers who attended the closed door briefing today the deputy director of the c.i.a. told them that susan rice got an unclassified version of the events that later proved incorrect. you'll recall she's come under sharp criticism for saying that attack was spontaneous rather than a terror attack. congressional leaders viewed video of the attack that showed events in real time. hillary clinton will testify in the coming weeks. and palestinian militants targeted isreal's commercial capitol today. hamas shot rockets for the first time as paniced residents ran for cover. isreal has sent troops and weapons toward gaza and have called up tens of thousands of reserve vist.
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this comes after the hamas was killed in an air strike. it's become a pretty popular alternative to coffee. >> but now the f.d.a. is looking at whether an energy shot could have played roles in 13 deaths. >> well the people who died had one thing in common. they had all used five hour energy. the reports included things like heart attacks, convulsions and even a spontaneous abortion. it's not what role if any the product played in the deaths. and children under 18 shouldn't use it at all. >> wherever they are sold, they fly off the shelf. >> people like this one especially. >> but what is good for business might not be good for
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your health t. size of this product five hour energy can be deceiving. >> people assume it's not that much so they might take a second one which gives them a huge jolt of caffeine. >> now the f.d.a. is investigating whether the shots have led to death which they are looking into 1 cases reported over the past four years. the parent company of five hour energy released a statement saying the product's label warns people not to consume more than two bottles a day several hours apart and that living seshts is unaware of any deaths caused by the consumption of five hour energy. monster energy, another product, is at the center of a lawsuit whether it contributed to the death of a 14-year-old girl last year. both products are considered dietary supplements not benches
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so they are not as well regular lay lated. >> how does the person know how much caffeine is a lot. >> coffee has 200 milligrams of caffeine. so does one energy shot. >> that can quickly add up to an overwhelming volume for your body. >> that's for an adult. for kids and teens it's much more than the recommended 85 milligrams. >> if you're under 18 you should not drink one of these energy shots. >> he says coffee is a better alternative for adults. for one it's usual hot so you drink it slower. the caffeine in coffee is also diluted with water. the best way to have more energy, of course, is to get more sleep. a different type of rush, a sugar rush can soon be
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eliminated from grocery store shelves. host test cakes is filing a motion to liquidate the entire company if striking employees don't trourn work. they are on strike against an 8% pay cut next year. hostest has been trying to restructure since bankruptcy. although the report indicates fewer people attended and it generated last money than last year but it proves that the race is viable. there were $2.8 million in ticket sales. 131,000 people attended pumping millions of dollars in the state economy t. city of baltimore got more than $1 million in tax revenue. the race is a big win for
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baltimore. >> i think that's a fantastic way to display the city's assets to individuals and the television audyens. it's like at ravepes game. >> they were saying in part today's report shows the great opportunity for the opportunity ahead. now they have more time to plan, market and conduct the event. you ever feel like you spend more time looking for a parking spot or maybe eating? >> i know i do. but why you will not have to waste time nabbing a spot in one community thanks to a tech savvy solution. >> and why certain bills in your wallet may make you spend more. and off the carolina coast pushing some rain into maryland. we'll track that.
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if you're visiting the city and find it difficult to park. there is a new app you should know about. it's parking technology that will make it tose find a parking 1309 and all you need is the smart phone. >> we've all been through it. finding a parking spot can be a real hassle but that's not the case here anymore. it starts with sen source like this one buried in parking spaces tashed city. the sen source send out a city telling the computer telling the computer whether the parking space is occupied or not. >> the motorist no longer has to drive around and around looking for those spaces. it pin points those spots and guides them to that location. >> we want to make it as easy
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as possible for people to find parking. >> today the executive held a press conference introducing the new parking neck noling that works with a smart phone to help you locate a parking space. >> when i turn on the app it can show the parking spaces until the parking lots and on mainstreet. and you can see here in this lot we have four or more spaces that are available and it's free parking. this location up here it shows it has two. >> for business owners the new technology hopefully will mean that more customers will be coming here and when they get here finding a parking space will be hassle free. >> this just extends our ability to please guests and offer a service eventually throughout our town. >> on top of all this with the
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holiday season around the corner the county will be waiving all parking meter fees here until the first of the year. >> starting november 22 through january 1 dow not have to feed the meter. we want folks to come down and enjoy. >> and if by chance your planning to spend some cash there or anywhere else for that matter you may want to think twice about the green you fork over. not that you would use a fork to use your money. but a crisp dollar bill is worth the same as an old one but it turns out we tend to spend them differently. people spend more to get rid of the worn out bills according to a study. and if the bills are crisp people are more likely to hold on to them especially if they were being watched and then they were more anxious to flash
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those crisp bills. any way a japanese is the fastest on all fours. he broke the record for running on his hands and feet. he completed the 100 meter dash in 17 seconds breaking the record he set in 2008 by about a second. and he hopes that some day his talent will become a track and field sport. >> isn't hope nice. he patterned his move like a monkey and he does walk around like that a lot even when he is not on the track. now your forecast. >> i know our producer does this on purpose. he puts these crazy stories right before. 17 second the world record running is about 9. or something like that, yeah. so the lesson is stay on your
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feet. you want to get from here to there in the most efficient way stay on your feet. showers are coming from the south. a couple of spring lts but not much rain. perhaps in a few locations especially south of d.c. and maybe up to the bay bridge you may catch a sprinkle over night but they are fall ago part and i would suspect that most of the rain stays away from us. if we check out the almanac we see the cloud cover held the temperature down. ten degrees cooler than average. we hit 47 today but with that bank et over the top of us it will prevent the temperature from falling. it will keep the heat of the day in. areas north and west up in pennsylvania and western maryland, they may seep temperatures fall in the upper 20's to around 30. it will be a wide range of
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temperatures. there is not a whole lot of precipitation tomorrow. a cloudy sky, light north winds and lows ranging under freezing not suburbs to around 40 degrees to bat mother and oast -- baltimore and east. there are some thunderstorms over the atlantic and get farther away allowing high pressure to build in tomorrow afternoon. we will see sunshine breaking through in the afternoon. and high pressure from new england holds strong into saturday and sunday which means the next storm won't have a chance of getting up here. high pressure will block it through the coming weekend. so the forecast has improved for the weekend. partly cloudy skies tomorrow a temperatures a little cooler than normal. waves less than a foot.
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in western maryland tments timely get back into the 40's. that's an improvement for them. eastern shore mid 50's with sunshine returning and on the lore shore clearing in the afternoon and a great weekend at ocean city. if you're going up the pennsylvania turnpike it will be better than what you expected in november, clear skies and light wind and kickoff temperature in the 40's. highs in the 50's and lows in the 30's for the next seven days around baltimore. we see a lot of sunshine going into the weekend with partly cloudy skies next week. a list of play thears won't line up on sunday continues to grow. more concerns for the ravens' secondary.
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spend 35 dollars and a frozen safeway turkey is 59 cents a pound. or spend 35 dollars and get a fresh shadybrook farms turkey for 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. the unpredictable makes each season more challenging. no one predicted the first ravens game would not have these players playinging. smith will misseveral weeks
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following surgery today. smith suffered the injury the same web went down with season ending knee surgery. chris johnson will take on expanded roles in the ravens secondary. no back up will face inner pressure than steelers quarterback plague. his last start was in two 2009. he has pr professional flair for talking up his team. the ravens cannot afford to let left wood play a heroes role at hines field. >> i played against this guy college and pro. he's a good quarterback. he isn't a back up. he was a starter in the league and took jacksonville to the playoffs and he has been in this system for a while.
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playoffs, did he say playoffs. huge weekend ahead. the tigers travel to new hampshire this weekend. they will need an upset to finish the regular season with a 7 and 4 record. a win won't guarantee them a trip to the playoffs but a loss would finish them off. there is a towson segment in the real college football place in the role to market thevplses. and there say round game with the blue jace face washington and jefferson. under coach jim they won four straight titles. now hopkins has put together an impressive record of 23 and 2 in the jace last 25 games. but they are trying to bring a
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post celebration to the school for the first time in history. >> our guys are excited. it gives them another first for this year so our guys are ready for this week. >> men's soccer team. they won their opening game beating old dominion on penalty kicks. they will now face defending national champion north carolina sunday afternoon in chap pell hill. >> for 49ers head coach that apparently not talking about hard problems. har ball underwent a heart procedure to fix an irregular heart beat the team called it a minor procedure. he didn't say anything to his plares. no need for the players to
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arrange a team hospital virgin islands. he plans to return to practice tomorrow. >> but he didn't have open heart surgery or anything. >> but it was a heart procedure and he's going back to prack it's the tomorrow. >> i took off yesterday because i had a cold. >> the doctor said he could go back to practice tomorrow. >> stay was because tom sup next with a look at the seven-day forecast.
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the forecast is pretty nice. i heard the word boring today so it's settling in for us. not a drop to be found. highs in the 50's and lows in the 30's. what happened. >> i thought there was some rain in that forecast before. >> you're right there was some rain in the forecast but it's going to stay off the coast. boring weekend. >> i can take that. >> meteorologist call that dry. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you
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